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Which motor swap do I pick? AKA, why did you choose a 2RZ?

Last Updated:Monday, January 12, 2015Q: Why did you decide on a 2RZ or 3RZ toyota motor?

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Megasquirt Planning for a 1999+ 2RZ or 3RZ

Last Updated:Tuesday, April 28, 2015Pre-Buy information about megasquirting a 2RZ or 3RZ:

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How-to: Swapping a 2rz 3rz into an old truck.. Problems and Solutions

Last Updated:Wednesday, May 6, 2015    What do I need to do the swap (applies to 2RZ and 3RZ)?

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Converting the Drivetrain

Last Updated:Monday, January 12, 2015As it turns out, this part is pretty easy.

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Is Megasquirt EFI the right choice?

Last Updated:Monday, January 12, 2015Is Megasquirt for me?

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