Which motor swap do I pick? AKA, why did you choose a 2RZ?

Q: Why did you decide on a 2RZ or 3RZ toyota motor?

It fits in the existing bay nicely.  Only “fit” mods required are a set of engine mounts and a oil pan / sump configuration from a T100.

It’s a modern motor, 16 valve.

In stock form, it handles turbo charging very well with no other modifications and is capable of tremendous power with no internal changes.

At lower power levels, it’s reasonably efficient, so I assume I can get stock-like (or better) MPG.  Expect 20+ mpg at 65.

This wasn’t my first choice.  I chose to polish the 22RE “turd” more than once.  First thing I say to anyone who asks me about turbo charging a 22RE is “you really should do a swap instead”.

For me, I would have preferred a 3RZ, but couldn’t find one.


2RZ / 3RZ Swap



What motors were considered?

Easy fit, existing adapters to W56 transmission

Great mileage.. Ok, really great mileage.

The mechanical injection is expensive (more than the cost of the motor) and somewhat “experimental”

Mechanical fuel injection, not EFI, so I’d need to learn something new


TDI Diesel Swap



Tried and true motor, common, inexpensive

Good power

Can be adapted to W56 transmission

Not-so-good mileage

Probably won’t fit under the hood without lifting the body

Lots of ways to megasquirt, with the “marine manifold” looking promising.

I almost went this way, but really didn’t want to body lift my 4runner.


GM 4.3L Swap


Can be adapted to W56 transmission

It’s a bit long for the engine bay

Older motor, decreasing interest and supply of these motors

Lots of ways to megasquirt


7MGTE Supra Swap


This is the Lexus V8

Big, requires relocating transmission and doing some major re-allignment

It’s very inexpensive to import, lots of them are available

It’s probably gonna break the W56

Lots of ways to megasquirt, but some issues with controlling the idle

Note that the front clip is removed from this thing, so some fairly serious re-allignment of bits is necessary:


1UZ-FE V8 Swap






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