Is Megasquirt EFI the right choice?

Is Megasquirt for me?

First, Read the section below.  If you do nothing else, read this.  If you ignore this, you’re wasting your money and will likely waste other peoples time.  In order to run megasquirt:

  • Megasquirt is not an “easy” plug and play solution in most cases.  Unless you can buy it from as MegasquirtPnP, you’re going to need to do work.  That work may include:
    • The cheapest way to get MS is to build it.  Building megasquirt from scratch, using a circuit board and components.  If you’ve never held a soldering gun, don’t try this.
    • Even if you buy a pre-built megasquirt, you’ll likely have to adjust (solder) the ignition input and output circuits.  Again, in some cases DIYAutotune can do this for you, assuming you know what you need.
    • You’ll need to tinker with things.  The chances of building it, dropping it in and having it run, are exactly 0.001%.
    • You’ll need to learn to tune.  This is an acquired skill, but you don’t have to do it alone.  Megasquirt can log data and people can “tune” things for you.  Some megasquirt software also self-tunes, which helps in the “normal” driving range.
  • You’ll be doing a lot of reading.  The stuff that makes megasquirt so flexible also makes it relatively “hard”.  There is a big learning curve.
  • You must have substantial experience doing automotive wiring.  If you don’t own a voltmeter, megasquirt is not for you.
  • You must understand the following concepts, or be willing to learn:
    • What is manifold pressure?
    • What are the common sensors that run EFI motors and how do they work?
    • How do fuel injectors work?
    • What do oxygen sensors do?
    • How does my car’s ignition system work?
  • Do you own a laptop or are you willing to buy one?
  • Are you good at installing and configuring software on your computer?

If the answers to these questions are “I don’t know” (and you’re not willing to figure it out) or “no” – please pass on megasquirt.


If you want a solution that you can drop in and take in for dyno tuning, I’ve run into zero shops so far that will tune Megasquirt.  If you want that, work it the other way.  Find the shop, find what EFI systems they will support, buy that solution.








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