Prior Megasquirt projects

AKA “My Credentials”

A little background:

I’ve done 3 prior megasquirt projects:

1) A fuel-only Supercharged 22R:  This used an early Camden supercharger and TBI unit from a 4.3L Chevy, mainly because I couldn’t get the 38mm weber to run at angles.  See the documentation over at Pirate4x4.



2) How to MegaSquirt your 22re: A 22RE (naturally aspirated) project, largely to prove that Megaquirt could Plug and Play with an factory wiring harness.  DIYAutotune used some of this work to help develop their Plug and Play unit for the 22RE and 4AG motors.














3) A 22RTE / 22RE Turbo motor: Finally, I found a 22RTE block and used it to build turbo motor.  Lots of trials and tribulations on this one.  I ran it for over 2 years, but wasn’t really happy with the performance or mileage.  You can read about all of the details over on my other website,