Megasquirt MS3X V3.57 Reference Tunes

Chris Hay’s turbo Tacoma Reference tune:

Note, I captured most of Chris’s settings here.

  • Wasted Spark (two coil)
  • VR In – cam and crank
  • 550 cc/min high Z injectors
  • Sequential injection



Garlic Crutons settings, for a sequential 2rz with coil-on-plug

Taken from the MSEFI board.

  • Toothed Wheel
  • Cam Signal: ON
  • Ignition Input Capture: Rising Edge
  • Spark Output: Going High (Inverted)
  • Number of Coils: Coil on Plug
  • Spark Hardware in use: MS3X spark
  • Cam input: MS3X Cam in
  • Trigger wheel arrangement: Dual wheel with missing tooth
  • Trigger wheel teeth: 36
  • Missing Teeth: 2
  • Tooth #1 Angle: 95
    Main wheel speed: Crank Wheel
  • Second trigger active on: Falling Edge